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Digital Newsletters are extremely useful to promote both websites as established businesses. This involves the use of email as a means of advertising and marketing.

Their goal is to send information via email , offers, promotions and news to a group of contacts defined and trust that a high percentage of your readers will want to know more about your product .

This type of marketing is called "Direct Marketing " , unlike a website waiting to be found , the digital newsletter goes to meet customer directly accessing your email inbox .

Today, online newsletters have reached a wide range of design options , allowing interaction of text, images, icons and colored backgrounds .

Digital Newsletters should be designed taking into account that e-mail users spend a few seconds to view the contents thereof. This makes the visual design, the first impression the reader receives , is of utmost importance .

A balance between the images that you receive and the text should be . The texts have a power of arrival on major users, but also slower . The image always comes first user, like the overall design. It is for this reason that the design of digital newsletters, become much more important principles of web design .

SaintDisegno designs digital newsletters excellence , aesthetic , attractive and using global standards of quality, so that your mail arrives and impact your audience effectively.

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